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SEK is a high-tech enterprise specialising in providing weighing force transducers and solutions, mainly providing miniature force transducers, high-precision load cells, S-type transducers, cantilever beam transducers, multi-dimensional force transducers, tension transducers, transmitters and control instruments. The company provides reasonable and practical solutions for our customers. With more than ten years of advanced technology and experience in the field of load cell and force measurement at home and abroad, the company's various kinds of load cells, force sensors, multi-dimensional force sensors, transmitters, control instruments, etc. amount to more than 1,000 kinds, and all the indexes have reached the advanced level. SEK series products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as USA, Italy, Holland, Germany, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, etc., which have been well received by domestic and foreign customers, and through unremitting efforts, SEK has become a brand in the minds of consumers. Our products are widely used in a variety of industrial automation production lines, robots, metallurgy, medical, textile, daily chemical, automotive, food, military, transport, energy and other new and intelligent fields. In addition to the existing products, our company is especially good at customising various non-standard force sensors according to customers' requirements. If you find it difficult to find a force transducer that meets your design requirements, please contact us! With years of experience in selling sensors as well as field applications, we are worthy of your trust! Company tenet: accurate measurement, high-end quality, quality service!  
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